2018 Employee Giving Campaign

We Change Lives Together

Thank you for supporting the 2018-2019 Employee Giving Campaign at Hegg Health Center. Our patients, communities, families, and coworkers are important to us. So it’s no wonder when new technology is needed to better serve our patients or when a fellow employee is going through a difficult time, our very own Hegg Health Center employees step up.

We’re Hegg Health Center, and we work every day to live out our mission and make life better for those around us. Together, we are changing lives.

Download Employee Giving Campaign Materials – Brochure | Flyer


Why Give?

  • It’s your opportunity to support projects that impact your own workplace, co-workers and the people we serve every day.
  • Because every dollar makes a difference! Your gift supports programs and services that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for donations.
  • It’s easy! Choose employee payroll deduction, check, cash or credit card and we take care of the rest.

When is this year’s campaign?

The Employee Giving Campaign is April 1 – April 30, 2018. Payroll deductions will appear on pay vouchers starting in July, 2018.

How can I make a gift?

Employees can fill out their personalized giving form, available through the Foundation or your leader. Employees can choose to give through payroll deduction, a one-time gift of cash, check, credit card or PTO donation.

Am I able to donate my Paid Time Off (PTO)?

Yes! Employees have the option to donate accrued PTO to the foundation. Please view the PTO Donation tab for additional information.

How much should I give?

Choosing to give is an important and personal decision. What might be an appropriate gift will differ from person to person. We have several giving options available. You can give any amount of $1 or more per payroll period or you can give through a one-time donation/deduction.

Who will decide how to spend my donation?

You do! Choose the area of support that interests or impacts you. You may direct your donation to any of the established funds set up within the Hegg Health Center Foundation.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Contributions to the Hegg Health Center Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

If I do not donate, do I need to return my pledge form?

If you do not wish to support this year’s giving campaign, please check the “I elect not to give at this time” check box on your pledge form and return it to your leader or the Hegg Health Center Foundation office. By checking this box and returning your card, we are assured that you had the opportunity to make a gift in support of the campaign.

Who should I contact with other questions?

Please contact the Hegg Health Center Foundation at 476-8058 or email.

Hegg Health Center has created a way for employees to donate unused paid time off (PTO) to the Foundation in support of the Employee Giving Campaign.


  • To be eligible, employees must:
    • be currently eligible to accrue PTO.
    • maintain a minimum of 80 hours of PTO in their PTO bank after donation.
  • Donated PTO will be cashed out at 100% of the employee’s current base rate of pay.
  • Once PTO time is donated to the Hegg Health Center Foundation, it cannot be reclaimed.
  • Please be aware that donation of PTO hours are taxable under IRS rules. Hegg will report your donation as taxable wages on your payroll check in order to withhold the appropriate taxes. the Hegg Health Center Foundation encourages you to consult with your tax professional if you have questions regarding the tax treatment of your donation.

A gift to the Hegg Health Center Foundation touches lives for a lifetime. View the unique funds that are available to donate to below.

  • Caring for life – General Fund
  • 3D Digital Mammography Upgrade
  • Building Fund
  • Helping Hearts Fund – Employee Assistance Fund

Campaign Dates:

  • April 1 – April 30, 2018
  • Payroll deductions will appear on pay vouchers starting in July, 2018.
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