Pregnancy & Birth

Hegg Health Center is a recipient of the 2019 America’s Best Hospitals in Obstetrics.

Welcome your new addition at Hegg Health Center

When you’re expecting, we want you to enjoy the full range of obstetrics care for you and your growing family at Hegg Health Center. In addition to family practice providers who specialize in obstetrics, you’ll find the following obstetric services at Hegg, including:

  • Prenatal Classes and Programs
  • Obstetrical Ultrasound
  • 3 Birthing Suites
  • Postpartum Murphy Bed
  • Postpartum Clinics
  • Certified lactation counselors (CLC)
  • Labor Pain Management
  • Snack Bar & Mini Fridge
  • Visitor Lounge
  • Large Foldout Sofa
  • Infant Security
  • Postpartum Massages
  • Cableless Monitoring

Take a tour and see how Hegg Health Center can make your moment unforgettable. To schedule a tour, please call 476-8014.





“I loved my experience with Hegg Health Center! The staff and doctor were excellent, which made for an amazing experience. Thank you for everything you did, down to the postpartum massage I received. It was truly a wonderful experience.”

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