November 2, 2023

Three New Family Practice Providers at HHC

Hegg Health Center is pleased to announce three new providers have signed to join its Family Medicine Team. We proudly welcome Dr. Crow, Dr. Connors Beucher, and Erica Van Surksum, DNP, FNP-C to Rock Valley, Iowa. Jessica Crow, DO, obtained he [...]

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October 31, 2023

Annual Stockholder Meeting Slated for November 30th

Hegg Health Center Annual Meeting: The format will continue as it has in previous years, combining the annual meeting with the November 30 Board of Director’s meeting at 6pm. Dale Kooima and Kathy McGill have completed their terms of service. [...]

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November 24, 2021

Hegg Health Center Annual Stockholder Meeting Scheduled for December 2

Hegg Health Center Annual Stockholder Meeting Hegg Health Center Annual Meeting: the format this year will combine the annual meeting with the December 2 Board of Director’s meeting at 6 PM. Howard Van Ginkel and Jason Kooima have completed the [...]

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November 17, 2021

Your Thanksgiving Dinner Has How Many Calories?

My how those holiday treats add up. The typical Thanksgiving Day meal includes turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and a glass of wine. If you ate one serving of each of these things your calorie intake fo [...]

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November 1, 2021

ACL Injury Prevention: What our upcoming class will do for your athlete!

Hegg Wellness & Rehabilitation is excited to introduce a new class that emphasizes injury prevention of the lower extremity, particularly of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The ACL serves an important role in the stabilization of the [...]

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Seizure First Aid

What to do in the event of a seizure STAY with the person and start timing the seizure. Remain calm and check for medical ID. Keep the person SAFE. Move or guide them away from harmful objects. Turn the person onto their SIDE if they are [...]

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August 11, 2021

Plan, Prevent and Prepare: Staying Safe on the Farm and Ranch

Plan, Prevent and Prepare: Staying Safe on the Farm and Ranch As we stride through this steamy summer and into August, we’re reminded of the unique threats that ag producers face in their day-to-day work. Going over the dos and don’ts is never [...]

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July 28, 2021

Weight Loss: Why Have I Hit a Plateau?

Why did I suddenly stop losing weight? Things were going well but now the number on the scale is stuck. The good news is that this is a normal part of weight loss. Possible Causes for a Weight-Loss Plateau You lose water weight in the beginn [...]

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July 27, 2021

What’s the Best Over-the-Counter Medicine for Fever and Pain Relief?

The wide range of drugstore medications to treat fevers and headaches can be puzzling. They can seem to be “all the same thing.” They’re not. There are basically two “branches” in this tree of over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and understand [...]

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July 26, 2021

Strength Training and Weight Lifting

In the last of our series of wellness and exercise blogs, I am going to cover some of our strengthening equipment. In the very first blog, I covered our Kinesis One machine, which is a multi-purpose machine that allows you to do lots of differe [...]

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July 22, 2021

Fall Chores Can Keep You Active

Summer’s gone, but the beauty of autumn is that all the winter preparation work we do can help us burn calories and get active. Why not accomplish two positives with every step, swing of the rake and bag of leaves hauled to the curb? We talked [...]

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How Parents Can Help Stop or Prevent Bullying

Just as kids are formally gathering in classrooms, they’re gathering in school yards, hallways, sports stadiums and online. Parents hope they’re making good friends, but in some cases, just the opposite is happening – through bullying. More an [...]

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Dinner Ready in 20: White Chicken Chili

Grill or bake a few extra pounds of chicken ahead of time, buy a rotisserie chicken or cook some in the slow cooker during the day. As long as you have some cooked chicken on hand, with just 5 additional ingredients, you can have a healthy bala [...]

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Lyme Disease from Tick Bites Can Wreck Summer Fun

The Midwest has many great places to explore, but it’s important to be aware of local risks. One of the big ones we can overlook is ticks. Tick-borne diseases are on the rise, and we all need to take precautions to prevent them. There are many [...]

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July 21, 2021

Back to School Snacks

Summer is winding down and school is quickly approaching and along with school comes school and after-school snacks! Our Registered Dietitian, Jennifer Lincecum put together a list of low-prep, healthy and homemade school snacks. Although it ta [...]

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Dinner Ready in 20: Pesto Pasta Salad

Grill, crockpot or bake a few extra pounds of chicken ahead of time, or buy a rotisserie chicken on the way home. As long as you have some cooked chicken and this recipe and just five additional ingredients, you can have a healthy supper on the [...]

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Dinner Ready in 20: Chicken and Veggie Power Bowls

Grill, crockpot or bake a few extra pounds of chicken ahead of time, or buy a rotisserie chicken on the way home. As long as you have some cooked chicken on hand, with just five additional ingredients, you can have a healthy balanced dinner on [...]

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Flip-Flops and Footwear

Summer may be well underway, but hopefully we have some beautiful days left to enjoy the outdoors before the seasons change. During the summer it’s nice to be able to slip on a pair of casual flip-flops to head out the door. However, we may wan [...]

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July 15, 2021

Beat the Heat!

As we continue to enjoy the warm months, now is a good time to talk about how heat affects us, especially since many people and athletes enjoy spending time outdoors. Heat illness takes many forms, from mild to severe. Heat rash and heat cramp [...]

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Red, White and Water: 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated

When the temperature rises, hydration becomes even more important. Remember to drink plenty of water even when you’re not thirsty. Headaches and dizziness can be symptoms of dehydration, which can be a sign of more serious issues such as heat e [...]

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10,000 Steps: The Reason Behind the Number

Have you ever wondered where that elusive 10,000-step number came from or how many steps are right for you? Fitness trackers are more popular than ever and step tracking is gaining popularity.  In the physical therapy department I have many pat [...]

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July 13, 2021

Tips and Tricks for Top-Shelf Summer Burgers

There’s no better summer comfort food than a juicy grilled hamburger. These tips and tricks can help you optimize flavor and nutrition as you grill yours this summer. Meat Choices Really Matter Most grill masters opt for 4 ounces of 80% ground [...]

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Your Best Burgers: Take Time and Make Them at Home

My ideal burger is easy, and here it is, by the numbers: 93% lean ground beef A slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese Served on a whole wheat bun Topped with grilled onions, lettuce and tomato Sauced with a bit of barbecue sauce and a [...]

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July 12, 2021

How to Handle Back-to-School Jitters

It’s hard to believe, but the start of the new school year is already upon us. For some children, this means returning to a group of friends they haven’t seen much of all summer. For others, starting school may be a brand new thing! For young c [...]

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July 9, 2021

Take the Burden Out of Back-To-School Bedtimes

While it may seem that summer vacation just began, “back to school” is fast approaching. The transition from the flexibility of summer schedules to the specific routines of the school year can be difficult for children and parents alike. For s [...]

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July 6, 2021

Does a Serving of Watermelon a Day Keep the Cardiologist Away?

Watermelon is a delicious summer treat. Plus it’s a nutritious superfood that deserves a little recognition! Watermelon contains the highest level of lycopene of any fresh fruit or vegetable. Lycopene is a carotenoid (a pigment created by a pl [...]

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June 29, 2021

Finish Strong – Revisiting Your New Year’s Resolutions

Research shows that as many as 50% of adults in the Unites States make New Year’s resolutions, but fewer than 10% keep them for more than a few months. So what happens? Why do we make them?  Why do we break them? We make them because it’s huma [...]

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Kidney Stones Are on the Rise: Are You at Risk?

Just the thought of kidney stones can make a person wince in pain — especially if you’ve experienced one of these tiny nightmares yourself. "Approximately eight in 1,000 people will experience a kidney stone every year, which is a 50% increase [...]

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What You Need in Your Summer Safety Kit

Midwesterners know the value of a winter survival kit in the car. But a summertime sack filled with the right stuff can really make your season be all that it should be. Hilary Rockwell, MD, Avera Medical Group Emergency Medicine physician, of [...]

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Understanding Men’s Top Health Risks

Women live, on average, about five years longer than men, for several reasons. Men tend to take bigger risks, have more dangerous jobs or more risk of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. They also tend to be heavier, more suici [...]

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Home Alone After School

We’re in the heat of summer, but many parents are already making plans for back to school, especially after-school care for your school-age children. When school is back in session, it may come as a relief to know exactly where your child is d [...]

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June 28, 2021

Get on Your Bikes and Ride – Safely

Bicycle safety is important, because riding a bike is a lot of fun. Plus it’s a great workout that puts less strain on your joints than running. But just like you have to obey the rules while driving a car, there are rules to follow when riding [...]

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June 25, 2021

Aches and Pains at Midlife

Getting out of bed before daylight or out of a car after a 12-hour trip is tough for practically everybody. Now couple that with a stiff back or sore knees, and the movement becomes even more challenging. Aging doesn’t just mean we add more ca [...]

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June 17, 2021

What You Need to Know to Avoid Medicare Scammers

Be on the alert for Medicare phone scammers. These scammers may say they’re calling on behalf of Medicare, an insurance company or even a health care provider like Avera. They may offer a free visit or piece of medical equipment. They may say [...]

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June 16, 2021

How Blood Pressure and Diabetes Can Affect Kidney Function

When adults see their doctors for tests and learn they may have chronic kidney disease, it is often a time of fear, with visions of dialysis or transplant surgeries jumping to life in the imagination. Chronic kidney disease is scary. The kidne [...]

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Recipe: Fruity Lime Electrolyte Drink

Keeping the active teenager or adult hydrated during the hot summer months can be challenging. Especially if they don’t tolerate sports drinks, don’t like them or just want to try something different. This easy Fruity Lime Electrolyte Drink is [...]

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June 15, 2021

Tips to Optimize Your Metabolism

Managing your weight can be a lifelong battle. You may wonder if it has something to do with your metabolism. This is the process in which your body converts your food and drink into energy. Your size, sex and age can affect your metabolism in [...]

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“What Did You Say?” Protect Your Hearing Because Hearing Loss Is Irreversible

You’re great at staying on top of your health with yearly appointments to your primary care provider, dentist and optometrist. But how’s your hearing health? “Hearing health is easy to take for granted, and people usually seek help when it’s t [...]

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June 10, 2021

Healthy Summer-Time Grilling:

Grilling has always been one of the best things about summer.  It is also one of the healthier ways to cook foods.  Grilling requires no added fats and results in moist and tasty meats and even other foods like vegetables. Seasonings and porti [...]

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June 8, 2021

Making Sense of Many Milk Choices

Milk and its growing number of alternatives is a popular nutrition topic. Unfortunately, like many other popular nutrition topics, there’s no good generalized recommendation. Each type of milk has advantages and disadvantages. When you’re cons [...]

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June 7, 2021

How to Choose and Properly Use Sunscreen

One of the most common things I do as a dermatologist is diagnose and treat skin cancer. Therefore, one of the most common things I spend a lot of time talking about is sunscreen. Patients always want guidance on how to pick the right product, [...]

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Children, Chores and Responsibility: What Jobs for Which Ages?

Running a house is the full-time job parents have on top of their full-time jobs of being moms, dads and also their employment. To tackle it all, it helps to remember that teaching children at a very young age how family members work together, [...]

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June 4, 2021

Men’s Health Month

It’s June! The year is nearly half over, and the warm weather has arrived.  June also is “Men’s Health Month”, which is the topic for this blog. For men everywhere, it is important to pay attention to your health every month, every week, every [...]

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June 2, 2021

Children, Chores and Responsibility: Tips for Parents

This is the first of two stories on children learning responsibilities through completing chores around the house. Wanted: Help around the house. Days and hours vary; no experience necessary! Limited time and increased duties make you feel li [...]

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May 28, 2021

Heart Disease: Take Steps to Lower Your Risk

The leading cause of death for men is heart disease. Individuals with a family history of heart disease have an increased risk, and need to be especially aware of prevention. Even if you don’t have a family history of heart disease, it’s import [...]

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June is Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month! We’re using this month to help encourage the men in our lives to take care of themselves as well as raise awareness for common diseases among men. Check out the following facts about men’s health as well as a few way [...]

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May 25, 2021

Burn Calories – 100 at a Time

Have you ever really thought about the power of 100 calories? Sometimes we approach exercise as this “impossible” sort of commitment or something that we have to do for two hours every day to reap the benefits. This is not necessarily the case [...]

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May 21, 2021

Be Firm with Your Flip-Flops: A Careful Balance Between Foot Health and Fashion

Among the many pleasures of spring and summer is that chance to slide your toes into the unrestricted feel of your favorite sandals, especially after a long winter in clunky boots. This spring, as you return to the airy atmosphere of slip-on f [...]

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May 19, 2021

Six Healthy Coping Strategies (and Some Unhealthy Ones to Avoid)

Stress can be short term, like a hard assignment at work, or long term, such as a seriously ill loved one or the process of divorce. “Our body’s natural response when life becomes stressful — and it’s out of our control — is to try to regain a [...]

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May 17, 2021

Recipe: Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Salad

The grill cover is off for the season! When I found some of the most amazing blueberries at the grocery store last week, I realized it’s officially time to dust off my summer salad recipes. This one’s a winner. Grilled Chicken and Pineapple S [...]

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May 6, 2021

Allergies Acting Up?

Sniffling, sneezing and feeling just plain awful this spring? It could be your allergies acting up. Some allergens are present year-round, but most pollen is in greater concentration and reaches peak levels during the spring. Springtime brings [...]

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This Spring Enjoy Gardening – A Healthy Hobby

When Avera Medical Group Integrative Medicine physician Sally Williams, DO, is not busy in her clinic, you often will find her in her garden, making sure the chard and spinach are thriving and that the weeds aren’t choking the cucumbers. It’s l [...]

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May 5, 2021

Hegg End of Life Care

When a loved one is nearing the end of their life, you want them to be comfortable and as stress free as possible. Hegg End of Life Care can make this possible. At Hegg Health Center, we can now provide around-the-clock medical care in a home-l [...]

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May 3, 2021

Cardiovascular Equipment (Continued)

In my third installment of blogging about the gym, I wanted to do a continuation of my second blog which is cardiovascular equipment. As I mentioned in the last blog, we have a variety of cardiovascular equipment ranging from treadmills to elli [...]

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April 29, 2021

Obesity: The Forgotten Pandemic

As we live in the current covid-19 pandemic, our minds shift to how we can maintain health and safety for ourselves and for our neighbor. Taking extra precautions such as social distancing and masking has been a regular part of our life for ove [...]

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April 27, 2021

Small Changes at Bed Time have a Big Impact on Sleep

We all know that sleep is a necessary and vital component of good health and productivity. Some people require more sleep and others less. But regardless of how much sleep is optimal for you, once you hit the pillow how can you be sure you are [...]

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April 26, 2021

Happy (and Healthy!) Trails to You

From exploring state park hiking paths to cycling city bike trails, opportunities abound for outdoor activities. “The numerous benefits of outdoor exercise go beyond the body to touch the mind and spirit. It also refreshes your mind and mood,” [...]

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April 21, 2021

Tips for Taking Care of your Mental Health

May is National Mental Health Month so we wanted to share a few ways you can take care of your mental health. People often thing of eating healthy and working out when they think about a healthy life style, but your mental health is just as imp [...]

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For Kids, Find Ways to Make Math Fun

Math is part of our everyday lives, and April is Math Awareness Month. As much as you or I might cringe at the idea of having to help our child with math at home, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Look around and you’ll see that your home is [...]

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Expert Tips to Get Back to Exercise After Injury

Everyone wants to quickly bounce back after an injury and get back to activities you love. Yet successful recovery requires some planning and expert advice. Here are some tips from experts. Take Advantage of All the Expertise You Can Most peop [...]

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April 19, 2021

Injury Prevention and Management

As spring sports are now underway, we have nearly reached the mid-point of spring sports such as track and soccer, among others. It is about the mid-point of a sport that injuries can start to linger and inhibit daily practices and games. While [...]

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April 16, 2021

Celebrating Earth Day: 6 Tips for Picking up Trash Safely

If you’re looking for a fun way to both celebrate Earth Day safely and help your community, how about picking up trash in your favorite park or trail? Planning ahead and bringing the proper equipment can help you stay safe while also helping th [...]

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April 14, 2021

Fueling for Performance

We know that the macronutrients — carbohydrates, fats and proteins—are vital nutrients required to fuel our everyday lives. However, athletes and those participating in rigorous exercise or intense training schedules have nutrition needs that c [...]

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April 6, 2021

Can Anxiety and Stress Cause Stomach Pain?

When the heat of life turns up and you’re feeling the pressure, does your stomach start to twist into knots? Especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people of all ages have been stretched to their limits. Jessica Morrell, CNP, of Aver [...]

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How Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods Affect Your Gut Health

You keep hearing about probiotics, and now, prebiotics, but what exactly are these foods? What do they do? “The key to a healthy gut is nourishing the microbiome bacteria,” said Dawn Flickema, MD, Avera Medical Group Integrative Medicine. “Wh [...]

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April 2, 2021

Wellness Center Equipment Spotlight 2

In the 2nd edition of my series of blogs about Hegg Wellness equipment, I’d like to cover the cardiovascular equipment that we have! To truly define cardiovascular machines, it’s basically any piece of equipment that is “equipped” or designed t [...]

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April 1, 2021

The Incredible Edible Egg

Of all the holiday related decorations my children are most infatuated with the Easter egg. We have been known to color several dozen. Although I am a firm believer that eggs are part of a healthy diet, I can only stomach so many plain hard-bo [...]

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Advance Directives

What are Advance Directives? An advance directive is a document that informs your health care provider and family members of the kind of medical treatments you would want (or not want). These documents would only take effect in the case that y [...]

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March 30, 2021

Medical Lab Professionals Week

April 18-24 is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week! Medical Laboratory Professionals play a big role in helping our hospital run smoothly. While you might not meet them face to face, our Medical Lab staff play a huge role in healthcare. They [...]

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Muscle and Bone Density and Aging

There are a few things you should never tell your physical therapist. The first is that you didn’t do your home exercises. The second is that you bought yourself a lift chair. Of course I’m joking, but in all reality, we live in a world where w [...]

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March 24, 2021

April is Occupational Therapy Month!

April is Occupational Therapy Month! In honor of Occupational Therapy Month, we had our Occupational Therapist, Danielle Rowland, OTD, OTR/L, answer a few questions about her career. We are so grateful for Danielle and all she does for Hegg Hea [...]

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March 23, 2021

Wellness Center Equipment Spotlight 1

Going to the gym for the first time or for the first time in a while can be intimidating. There is so much equipment and often times little to no instruction on how to use it. We want to help decrease that intimidation by featuring a few differ [...]

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March 16, 2021

Walking: An Underrated Exercise

As the weather warms up, many people start looking for reasons to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Going for a walk is a great way to get moving and enjoy the outdoors. Walking is also a great way to add some physical fitness to your life! [...]

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March 15, 2021

Six Nutrition Tips for Colon Health

While regular screenings are the most important step to colon cancer prevention, nutrition plays a vital role. This National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, we explore the impact of diet on gastrointestinal wellness. “The best foods we can [...]

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Hegg Health Center Creates Over $18 Million Impact on Local Economy

In all, Iowa’s Health Care Sector provides More Than 344,000 Jobs across State. Hegg Health Center generates 403 jobs that add $18,333,657 to Rock Valley, Iowa’s economy, according to the latest study by the Iowa Hospital Association. In addit [...]

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March 11, 2021

Sleep Studies at Hegg Health Center

Here at Hegg Health Center, we have a fully accredited sleep lab that is dedicated to helping patients increase their quality of life through better sleep.  Most people know to seek medical attention for pain and discomfort, but sleep problems [...]

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March 8, 2021

Occupational Health at Hegg Health Center

As an employer, the health of your employees plays a big role in your business. Whether your employees need a pre-employment physical, wellness screen, flu shot, or injuring treatment, our Occupational Department is here for you. Our Hegg Occu [...]

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March 5, 2021

How to Have the Colonoscopy Talk with Family Members

While it might be difficult – or awkward – having a conversation with your loved ones about importance of colonoscopy is important. Anyone age 50 or older should have this test, which not only can detect colon cancer, but remove the polyps tha [...]

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March is National Social Work Month!

Social services play a vital role in health care. March is Social Work month and the goal of a social worker is to help meet basic needs and enhance social functioning and overall wellbeing of individuals, families, groups, and communities. At [...]

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Talk About It, and Then Take Action: Schedule Your Colonoscopy

Talk About It, and Then Take Action: Schedule Your Colonoscopy As we welcome March, let’s all play a part in stopping colon cancer. Behind lung cancer, it’s still the second leading cause of cancer deaths in our country. Here at Hegg Health C [...]

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March 1, 2021

Know the Signs of Colon Cancer at Any Age

Today’s world offers a way to detect cancer before symptoms even start: regular screenings. Colon cancer screenings typically start at age 50 and are covered by most insurance providers. However, the number of diagnoses continues to rise, and [...]

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Hegg Health Center Announces New Family Medicine Provider

Dr. Kimberly Butts to Hegg Health Center in May 2021 [caption id="attachment_4790" align="alignright" width="285"] Dr. Kimberly Butts[/caption] Hegg Health Center is pleased to announce that Kimberly A. Butts, MD has signed to join its Family [...]

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February 23, 2021

Why is Food Tracking Helpful?

Over the years I have learned that when individual track their food intake they become so much more aware of what is going into their body. The primary reason why people lose weight when they food track is because so often we eat and really hav [...]

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February 19, 2021

Concussion Rehabilitation

Smack! You weren’t watching where you were walking and you bumped your head on that cupboard that hangs at just the wrong height! At first you think you’ll be fine, but then you feel a headache coming on. Maybe you get light headed or feel dizz [...]

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February 16, 2021

A Healthy Smile for All Ages

Smile! February is set aside to raise awareness about the importance of oral health. Developing good dental habits at an early age helps children to get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Wondering when to start or schedule [...]

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Getting Started with Exercise

Physical activity is a key component of a healthy life. When you move more, you feel better!  Follow these tips to get started: If you’re just starting out, begin with 10 minutes daily, and build toward 30-60 minutes. Mix it up!  Variety c [...]

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February 12, 2021

Know What Your Blood Pressure Numbers Mean

It’s called the silent killer for a reason. High blood pressure can go unnoticed for years, all the while that burden on the heart, blood vessels and organs builds up and causes damage. “There is no clear symptom like a headache. The condition [...]

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February 3, 2021

Week 6 Mini Challenge: Volunteering

This week’s challenge is volunteering! What does volunteering have to do with overall health and wellness? Well, maybe volunteering isn’t the most strenuous activity. It also maybe isn’t a type of activity that you do to get a workout in. Howev [...]

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Week 2 Mini Challenge: Reading

This week’s challenge is to read! Some of you may be wondering, what does reading have to do with overall health and wellness? After all, when you’re reading, it’s likely you’re sitting down, not exerting any energy, and relaxing. While it is t [...]

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Week 5 Mini Challenge: Mindfulness

This week’s challenge is finding 15 minutes to have peace/rest each day. There is a multitude of ways to do this! For example, finding a quiet room in your house and sitting there for 15 minutes to just think to yourself and relax! Or, maybe yo [...]

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Week 3 Mini Challenge: Sleep

This week’s challenge is sleep! You might ask, why are we doing a weekly challenge on sleep? Isn’t sleep the opposite of exercise and working hard? Well, in some ways yes. However, good health doesn’t just come down to eating and exercise – the [...]

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Health is at the Heart of Everything

We’ve spent the last year perhaps more focused on our health than ever before. American Heart Month is another time for us to understand our risks, reduce them and get practical when it comes to our health. We can stop heart disease using actio [...]

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January 29, 2021

Week One Mini Challege: Step Challenge

Shape the Valley Week One Mini Challenge: Steps This week’s challenge is on steps! Our recommended steps each day is 10,000 (or more!). Yes, I know, 10,000 steps seems like a lot, but the average person gets 5,000 steps just by normal activit [...]

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January 25, 2021

Hegg Health Center Announces new Hospice Space within Hospital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 20, 2021 Contact: Ashley Van Maanen at 712-476-8099 or Hegg Health Center Announces new Hospice Space within Hospital  ROCK VALLEY – Hegg Health Center is excited to share that it ha [...]

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January 21, 2021

Factors of Weight Loss

As the year turns to 2021, many people have shifted their focus to their New Year’s Resolutions and what they’d like to accomplish. For some, a New Year’s Resolution could involve a vacation, better spending, less screen time, or paying off stu [...]

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January 20, 2021

Diets vs Lifestyle Changes

How to identify a fad diet and have a goal of healthy sustainable weight loss As New Year goals come and go, now is the time to really work on making lifestyle changes that work.  I often tell my patients that the difference from a lifestyle c [...]

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Keeping Kids Safe in the Winter Outdoors

Exercise, fresh air, vitamin D: these are all important reasons to make sure we are getting outdoors even in winter. Getting kids outside and active in winter can be an immune booster and help kids get their recommended 60 minutes of physical p [...]

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January 14, 2021

More Steps for a Healthy Heart

It’s heart month and throughout February, we want to share different ways to improve your heart health. One way to not only increase your heart health, but also improve overall health is standing and walking more during the day. As humans, we w [...]

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Sioux County COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Posted: 01/13/2021 By Community Health Partners Sioux County is following the Iowa Department of Public Health recommendations for COVID-19 vaccine administration. Vaccine is currently not available to the general public.  As more vaccine  b [...]

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January 11, 2021

Be Nice to Your Heart – It’s the Only One You Have

In the United States, someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds according to the CDC. While heart attacks are common, there are things you can do to lower your risk. Here are a few ways on how you can make your heart happy. Lose weight. Ob [...]

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January 8, 2021

Emergency Room vs. After-Hours Care

You are making supper for your family and accidentally cut your hand. The pain is manageable, but you are worried about the deepness of the cut. So, what do you do? Do you make your way to the emergency room? Or do you head to Hegg After Hours [...]

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January 7, 2021

The Scale Needle Might Not Move Yet, BUT…

The Scale Needle Might Not Move Yet, BUT… Keep going! If you’ve recently started a new fitness journey but haven’t seen the scale drop yet, keep going! There are so many factors to weight loss and often times it can take a few weeks before the [...]

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January 6, 2021

10 Budget and Health Friendly Foods

Job changes because of COVID-19 or whatever the reason: you don’t have to sacrifice health to save money at the grocery store. Load up on these 10 extremely healthy-but-affordable foods -- they make some great recipes -- and you'll be in good [...]

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Burn Calories with These Winter Activities

Blizzards and no-travel advisories can keep us cooped up – but they shouldn’t stop winter workouts outside. Yes, it’s cold and snowy – and there’s ice – yet the rewards can outweigh those obstacles. “We’re Midwesterners and we can’t stay insid [...]

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January 5, 2021

Enjoying the Outdoors, Even in the Winter

Just because it’s colder outside in the winter doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some fresh air outdoors! With the colder weather also comes some fun activities that are only possible during the winter! Many of these activities not only allow [...]

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