Health is at the Heart of Everything

February 3, 2021

Health is at the Heart of Everything

pink heart on wall

We’ve spent the last year perhaps more focused on our health than ever before. American Heart Month is another time for us to understand our risks, reduce them and get practical when it comes to our health. We can stop heart disease using action as well as knowledge.

Know the Risks

We likely already know that smoking, a lack of exercise and a diet high in processed foods, fats, sugars and salt all make the risk of heart disease climb. We can take steps toward reducing these risks:

  • If you smoke, quit.
  • Eat more whole foods, and avoid excess sugar.
  • Incorporate more movement every day – schedule it if you need to.
  • Make exercise a part of each week, aiming for 60 minutes or more of activity.
  • Know your family’s health history when it comes to this deadly condition.

Getting Some Help

People who have a primary care provider do better in reducing their risks and keeping heart healthy. You and your provider can keep a close eye on blood pressure, and if it’s borderline or too high, having help in making changes in lifestyle or medication is a godsend.

The earlier you start trying to regulate blood pressure, the better it can be controlled. And every day you move that number in the right direction is one where you’re reducing heart attack and stroke risks. Remember that blood pressure affects more than just your heart – it can contribute to diabetes risk and also lead to kidney disease and damage.

Another smart way to “team up” for heart health is via family or “work family” efforts to achieve the goals that can help our hearts – things like losing weight, exercising together or planning healthier meals.

Get Affordable Heart Screenings

Ask your provider at Hegg Health Center about screenings that are available. If you don’t have a primary care provider, call us – it’s important to develop this relationship for your present and future health.

We’ve all learned so much during this pandemic – like the importance of basic health. Let’s make this February the month we all take some steps toward healthier cardiovascular lives.