Hegg End of Life Care

May 5, 2021

Hegg End of Life Care

hospice bedroom

When a loved one is nearing the end of their life, you want them to be comfortable and as stress free as possible. Hegg End of Life Care can make this possible. At Hegg Health Center, we can now provide around-the-clock medical care in a home-like environment while giving patients access to their care teams. Our patients receive comfort-first care with an emphasis on dignity and compassion. With Hegg End of Life Care, you and your loved ones will be given the highest quality of care.

Hospice care and end of life care seek to improve the quality of life for terminally ill patients. It focuses on palliative medicine, meaning our team concentrates on relieving pain and maximizing our patients’ comfort. We offer care for patients of all ages.

Hospice patient, the late Carol Vanden Bos commented on her care at Hegg Health Center. “I am extremely satisfied with hospice and my care in the hospital. The nursing staff and Dr. Jong have taken very good care of me and I am happy to be here.” Our care team at Hegg Health Center works hard to provide compassionate care and make sure every patient is comfortable. “Moving mom to the hospice room at the hospital was the best decision we could make. She had the best care, and was very comfortable in her last days. The nurses went above and beyond to cater to her every need,” says Rachelle Vanden Bos.

Every End of Life Care patient is able to enjoy a cozy, home-like patient suite. These suites are designed to feel similar to a home, while also including all of the medical technology needed for the care of seriously ill patients. Hegg Health Center can be their home away from home – greatly enhancing the care of individuals facing the end of their life. This set up also allows for the family of the patient to have ease of mind and enjoy their last days with their loved one.

At Hegg, patients and their families will be able to enjoy the following benefits throughout their stay:

  • Natural lighting and open views
  • Private patient suites with private bathrooms
  • In-suite guest sleeping accommodations
  • Small refrigerator in each suite
  • Access to our meditation room
  • Daily menu options and snacks
  • Built-in medical and technology features
  • Wireless internet

Our hospice suites are staffed 24 hours per day by skilled nurses and patient care technicians to focus on patient comfort and well-being. This includes medication administration, personal care, bathing, meal delivery and additional services.

We offer three levels of hospice care based on the patients’ needs. The first level is Acute Hospice Care, which addresses intense pain or other symptoms such as nausea, severe shortness of breath, or complex medical needs. Respite care is a five-day care plan that is available under Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurances to provide caregiver relief. The last option of care is Residential. Some patients choose to stay for extended hospice care. For this level of hospice care, generally your insurance will cover medical costs, but you will be billed for daily room and board fees.

At Hegg, we understand how difficult it can be to go through this stage of life. Whether you are a patient or family member, we want to make this season as peaceful and comfortable as possible. With Hegg End of Life Care, you will be given the highest quality of care.

In loving memory of Carol Vanden Bos.