Leading-Edge MRI Technology at Hegg

November 18, 2022

Leading-Edge MRI Technology at Hegg

Mobile MRI Services at Hegg Health Center

Big-city health technology has hit the road and arrived in small-town Rock Valley, again keeping advanced healthcare local at Hegg Health Center. Avera Imaging has put forward new technology via their new GE Voyager mobile MRI trailer, partnering with Hegg Health Center to provide industry first radiologic technology to Rock Valley and our surrounding area twice weekly.

The 1.5T MRI scanner is known as the “gold standard” for common exams, producing the highest quality images for screenings. The software is the most current on the market, and has a table limit of 550 pounds allowing for a more comfortable experience.

The Radiology & Imaging Team at Hegg Health Center is elated about the improved image quality on the exams performed thus far.

To request your MRI be done in Rock Valley, discuss with your referring provider or call Hegg Radiology & Imaging at 712-476-8023.