Unrivaled Teamwork in Rock Valley

December 21, 2022

Unrivaled Teamwork in Rock Valley

Dr. Adams at Hegg Health Center

Very few of us get through the winter without getting some kind of illness. That’s true for physicians, too, and when David Adams, MD, caught a bug that he couldn’t shake, his team stepped in to help. “What makes it more admirable,” said Adams in an email to some of his colleagues, “Is that this is far from the first time I’ve witnessed this or even been on the receiving end.”

So unfortunately I have been unable to kick a lingering illness and have actually gotten a little worse. It got to the point where my computer couldn’t even understand my dictations anymore! This made clinic on Friday very difficult.

The reason I am reaching out is because of the teamwork, compassion and camaraderie that I have been on the receiving end of as a circumstance of the week’s events. Perhaps to you and all of the excellent people that work at Hegg/Avera this isn’t surprising. I don’t think that there were any second thoughts…”it’s just what we do” is the response I hear frequently. It may be commonplace here, but I’m here to tell you that this is not what typically happens outside of this unique community and I feel that it is worth celebrating. The people in this community should know just how unique rural medicine is, the behind the scenes dedication and selflessness that it takes to make it work and the wonderful people that live and serve here.

Without hesitation people took it upon themselves to cover my weekend emergency call shifts, even doubling-up on their own call. Working later hours on a weekend just to help me out. Even physicians who don’t work at Hegg anymore were jumping in to assist. The front desk adjusted my schedule to limit the burden of a busy day, nurses would go into rooms with me to interview patients as my voice was failing. Others offered words of encouragement and hopes of better health. All this happened without being prompted. A problem was seen and individuals attacked it. What makes it more admirable is that this far from the first time I’ve witnessed this or even been on the receiving end.

I’ve said it repeatedly that Rock Valley and Hegg are ‘different.’ I interviewed all over the country, and even opportunities abroad, before being led to the knowledge that Hegg/Avera was the right place for me and my family. Since being here, that guided decision has only been reinforced.

Working in health care, unfortunately, has the reputation of being overworked and undervalued. I don’t know specifically what I’m looking for in terms of honoring these people but thought that I could get your insight. I just felt that these men and women deserved recognition.