Talk About It, and Then Take Action: Schedule Your Colonoscopy

March 5, 2021

Talk About It, and Then Take Action: Schedule Your Colonoscopy

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Talk About It, and Then Take Action: Schedule Your Colonoscopy

As we welcome March, let’s all play a part in stopping colon cancer. Behind lung cancer, it’s still the second leading cause of cancer deaths in our country.

Here at Hegg Health Center, we’re ready to help. Part of the reason we return to this topic each March is because it’s serious. More than 52,000 men and women die from this cancer each year.

Here are three key things we can all do to fight colon cancer, and in doing so, save lives.

Know the Warning Signs

Colon cancer most often affects people who are 50 and older, but doctors are seeing more cases among younger people.

Its symptoms are mostly related to bowel movements, like blood in the stool, dark, tar-like stools or a change in habits, including constipation or diarrhea. Pain in your abdomen, unexplained tiredness or weight loss are other possible signs. If you have any of these symptoms, report them to your provider. It’s always better to get things checked and be OK than to delay an exam that can save your life.

As soon as you turn 50, schedule a colonoscopy. If you’ve already passed this age milestone but haven’t had your colonoscopy, get it set up. If you’re not yet 50, but any of your siblings or either parent had colon cancer, talk to your provider, as a colonoscopy before 50 might be a smart, life-saving decision for you.

Understand the Exam

The colonoscopy is the top choice among colon screenings because it gives your physician the best possible view of this part of your body. It lets them find small precancerous growths called polyps that can become tumors. When your physician finds polyps, they can remove them on the spot – and that can make all the difference. Essentially, the exam stops cancer before it starts. When a doctor can spot cancer at the earliest stage, treating it is much easier.

You’re asleep during the exam, and the night before it you will need to drink a solution that will “clean you out” so the provider has a clear look at your entire lower bowel. The colonoscopy “prep” does mean you’ll have to fast for a brief period of time, and you’ll be in the bathroom a lot. But it’s a small price to pay to stop a life-threatening cancer.

There are alternatives to the colonoscopy, but when you receive a positive result with one of the alternatives, your next step most often is colonoscopy. That’s why colonoscopy is the best choice, and that’s why most health insurance plans cover the costs.

Talk About It Even Though It’s Not Easy

You might be coming due for your colonoscopy. If so, take the opportunity to talk to your loved ones about the appointment you’re making. If you have parents, siblings or other loved ones who are 50 and older, ask them if they’ve made their colonoscopy appointment. It’s not a topic anyone loves to talk about – but a little awkwardness is a tiny price to pay for life-saving.

Studies show that more people get this life-saving examination when they partner-up with friends or family. Use humor, the frightening facts about this disease – whatever it takes – just make sure people who need it get it.

We can work together to save lives. This March, take the time to learn more – including how to schedule your appointment – at You can also call Hegg Outpatient Specialty Services directly at 712-476-8020 to schedule your appointment.