Wellness Center Equipment Spotlight 1

March 23, 2021

Wellness Center Equipment Spotlight 1

weight lifting machine

Going to the gym for the first time or for the first time in a while can be intimidating. There is so much equipment and often times little to no instruction on how to use it. We want to help decrease that intimidation by featuring a few different pieces of equipment we have at the Hegg Wellness Center. Our Wellness Center manager, Jordyn Kleinwolterink, put together a few different blogs about different machines and ways to use them.

In the first of our series of blogs on Hegg Wellness & Rehab equipment, I am going to touch on the “Technogym: Kinesis One” machine, which is pictured below! Have you ever been in the gym and wonder “Hmm, what machine can give me a variety of exercises all in one?” or “What machine works all the muscle groups so I don’t have to worry about going back and forth throughout the gym?”  Well, the Kinesis One machine does just that! This machine is designed to give the user the capability to do roughly 20-30 exercises. Exercises can range from upper body, to trunk/core, to lower body work.

So what exercises can we do when using this machine? Perhaps you want to do a controlled squat that allows you to stay balanced and still be pushed hard. Awesome! Simply grab the handles on the bottom of each side of the machine. Once you grab the handles, do a normal squat while keeping the handles in your arms (and your arms must remain straight). You should be able to feel the resistance as you stand up in between squats. Make sure you find a weight that works for you, and do it 10-15 times.

Okay, so what about doing a core exercise? You could do a torso twist or core rotation! Simply grab one of the high handles, and bring it across your body to get a full twisting motion. Do this on both sides, with a proper weight to give you resistance, and you may do this 10-15 times on each side as well!

Now, what about the upper body portion? Grab the high handles on both sides, pull them inward towards the middle of your body (otherwise known as adduction) and do a “out and in” exercise also called a fly. When you do the fly, it’s important to have your knees slightly bent and have your head up facing forward.

Just like that, you’ve done lower body, core, and upper body exercises. These exercises are just a few examples of different ways to use this machine. There are many exercises beyond these, and if you would like to be trained on it, contact me at jordyn.kleinwolterink@hegghc.org or 712-476- 8081.