Kaili Weber receives Hegg Athlete of the Month award

Hegg Athlete of the Month Award

At Hegg Health Center, the spirit of competition and sportsmanship comes alive in 2024 as we honor the exceptional achievements of individual athletes across traditional and non-traditional distinguished local high school and college teams. The 2024 Hegg Athlete of the Month feature shines a spotlight on those who have gone above and beyond their craft, displaying sportsmanship, dedication, and a love for the game.

Our providers and rehabilitation therapists recognize the Hegg Athlete of the Month, a tribute to hard work, talent, and the vibrant sports community in Northwest Iowa. In addition to a special basket for the award recipients, monthly donations are made to local athletic boosters and independent sports programs in honor of the Hegg Athlete of the Month.

Join us in celebrating the local athletes who inspire us all!

2024 Hegg Athletes of the Month:

January: Angel Gasca of Rock Valley, Boyden-Hull-Rock-Valley Boys Wrestling

February: Maci Cannegieter of Hull, Sioux Center Girls Hockey

March: Kaden Van Regenmorter of Hull, Western Christian Boys Basketball

April: Kaili Weber of Rock Valley, Boyden-Hull-Rock-Valley Girls Soccer

May: Ty Brummel of Hull, Trinity Christian Boys Golf