Kulinary Kings Cook-Off and Fundraiser

Northwest Iowa’s favorite cook-off and fundraiser

For 11 years, the annual Kulinary Kings event, Hegg’s largest fundraiser of the year, has stood out as one of the most well-attended events in Northwest Iowa. There’s a reason behind that: prominent businessmen from the Rock Valley area dish up their personal culinary wonders for the community to try, all while competing for various awards and supporting the Hegg Foundation. From the fun and uplifting atmosphere (with plenty of comradery between chefs – who are neighbors, business partners and great friends), to the community coming together to support a terrific cause while tasting endless delicious and unique foods and drinks prepared by the chefs, this event continues to be one of the times of year the community looks forward to most.

Tickets will be sold prior to the event, which is always in early April. More information to come!