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Dedicated to Caring

We’re Dedicated to You During COVID-19

Hegg Health Center remains dedicated to Rock Valley and the surrounding communities we serve. We are focused on you and your health during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This rapidly changing situation does mean we’re making changes to the way we provide care to ensure the health and safety of patients and our health care workers. Regardless of your healthcare need or concern, we are requesting that our patients call the clinic at 712-476-8100. Our care team will provide guidance and direction to best and safely care for you. Some of your appointments may need to be postponed or you may be asked to do more virtual visits with your care team.


“We are grateful to have technology at our fingertips, allowing the medical providers a virtual way to care for our number one priority, our patients.”

– Glenn Zevenbergen, Hegg Health Center CEO.

Write a short note for caregivers at Hegg Health Center.

Show your community and caregivers support. These fearless folks are working hard to make sure you have the care you need, day in and day out. That goes for people working in the communities we serve to provide other essential services we depend on.

By completing the form above, you are giving us permission to share your note with our staff. Please refrain from disclosing confidential or sensitive information. If permitted, your submission may be used for marketing purposes or on our social media. Your submission may receive minor edits. We appreciate your willingness to share how you appreciate our staff.


How to Help Pediatric Patients Overcome Fear of Shots

Shots are never easy. Not even for us adults. But there is a way to help your kids get past their fear of shots and make them a little easier for both parent and child. If you work in patient care, you may have stories of kids hiding from the needle under the counter,...

Hegg Health Center Develops Labor & Delivery Program with Sioux Center Health

Hegg Health Center Develops Labor & Delivery Program with Sioux Center Health ROCK VALLEY - Hospital leadership, Dr. Denise Greene and Dr. Paul De Jong, are pleased to announce that Hegg Health Center has partnered with Sioux Center Health to continue to provide...

Stay Ahead of This Year’s Flu Season – Get Your Shot

When we face a big job, as a family, community or business, we all know the best way to do it well is to get out in front of it, break it down into manageable pieces and work on through until we’re finished. This fall, we’ll all face a big job: staying healthy in the...

Benefits of Resistive Strength Training Among the Eldery

Sarcopenia and loss of strength are known to occur with age. Sarcopenia is a condition characterized by loss of skeletal muscle mass and function. Sarcopenia presents a big public health concern to the aging population, as both the quality of life and the likelihood...
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