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Healthy Eating for Kids in Summer

It’s summer! With kids being home from school, you might find yourself buying more food for their lunches and snacks throughout the day. It can be easy to take the quick route and by pre-made or easy to make foods and snacks, but it’s important that your kids get the healthy food they need. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard! Kids Health.org shared some ways you and your kids can eat healthy during the summer.

Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD at Kids Health.org encourage parents to get their children involved in meal planning and grocery shopping. Children often take more ownership when they are involved and working together to make healthy food choices is a great way to teach them about nutrition. Teaching kids about proper food group proportions and balanced meals is a great way to prepare them to make healthier choices in the future.

Other ways to help children eat healthier in the summer is to have lots of healthy snacks on hand. Fruits and vegetables are plentiful in the summer months, so be sure to have some on hand for kids to snack on. Drinking water or low-fat milk helps lessen the number of sugary drinks or juices children consume. Substituting whole grain products is a great way to ensure that children get enough fiber.

Some other healthy snack options for kids in the summer include popcorn, chocolate-covered strawberries, homemade ice pops, and peanut butter or other healthy dips like hummus. Popcorn is actually a good source of fiber for children and if you make your own ice pops with orange juice and low-fat Greek yogurt, they are a good source of protein and calcium. Encourage your kids to eat more fruit and nuts by having chocolate to dip them in. Peanut butter and apple slices are the perfect filling snack after an afternoon of playing hard.

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