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Hegg Health Center Annual Stockholder Meeting Scheduled for December 2

Hegg Health Center Annual Stockholder Meeting

Hegg Health Center Annual Meeting: the format this year will combine the annual meeting with the December 2 Board of Director’s meeting at 6 PM. Howard Van Ginkel and Jason Kooima have completed their terms and are not eligible for reelection.

Nominees for the Board of Directors are:  Del Knobloch and Jeremy Van Zee.

The fiscal year 2021 audited financial statements will be reviewed and an administrative update by CEO Glenn Zevenbergen will be provided.

Shareholders that desire to either affirm or deny approval for Del Knobloch or Jeremy Van Zee may request an absentee ballot by contacting Glenn Zevenbergen at (712)-476-8009.

Shareholders that would like to attend in person are asked to notify Glenn Zevenbergen at (712) 476-8009 so that appropriate seating can provided.

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