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Hegg Health Center Requests the Help of the Community to Slow Covid-19 Transmission

September 28, 2020
Contact: Ashley Van Maanen at 712-476-8099 or ashley.vanmaanen@hegghc.org

Hegg Health Center Requests the Help of the Community to Slow Covid-19 Transmission

ROCK VALLEY – Hegg Health Center is asking our community to join together in slowing down the transmission of the COVID virus.  Over the past 5 days Hegg has seen an increase of 30% in Emergency Room visits and at 11:30 PM on Friday the hospital began sending Acute Inpatient admissions to other facilities.  As of Monday afternoon, one bed is available. The Hegg Health Center emergency room is open and accepting patients.

Although our local bed capacity remains near or at full capacity, we have been assured by Avera that they are accepting critically ill patients. Bed capacity is greatly impacted during a time of large virus spread.  Hospitals also require beds for all of the routine needs that existed before the pandemic – such as heart attacks, surgeries, diabetic care etc.

Maintaining a healthy workforce is vitally important for the Health Center which relies on 24/7/365 staffing in order to meet community needs.  Many employees have been working additional shifts in multiple departments in order to provide care for all of our patients and residents.

“Our intention is not to instill fear in our community, but rather to educate everyone on what they are able to do to assist in helping us at this time.” said Glenn Zevenbergen, CEO of Hegg Health Center.  “That was the primary reason we met with schools last week to request that they consider wearing masks.  It’s the best tool we have in slowing down transmission and it would be irresponsible of us not to inform the community and ask them for help in addressing the issue at hand.  My hope is that we are able to slow the virus down and keep the situation manageable.”

While Hegg Health Center is confident that the majority of COVID patients can receive the care they need in our hospital, or regionally if needed. Hegg Health Center asks local schools, colleges, churches, businesses, residents and visitors in the county to consider the following “asks” to assist in the mitigation strategy and help slowing the spread of the virus:

  1. Mandate facial coverings/masks at every possible level to help reduce the viral load/spread
  2. Maintain recommended physical distancing protocols in all indoor facilities
  3. Continue to promote hand hygiene, and measures to sanitize/clean surfaces
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