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Hegg Rehabilitation Offers Many Specialized Services with Excellent Outcomes

Hegg Health Center’s (HHC) Rehabilitation and Wellness department has a lot to celebrate this time of year. In September, we celebrated National Rehabilitation Week, and October is National Physical Therapy Month. We are hosting a luncheon with soups and cinnamon rolls to meet our staff and participate in a few activities to learn more about what therapists can do for you. The lunch will be held on October 16th from 11am to 1pm in the group fitness room in the Hegg Wellness Center and a free-will donation for Make-A-Wish is encouraged.

The staff at Hegg Rehab & Wellness consists of 6 full-time physical therapists, a full time occupational therapist, a contracted speech therapist, a massage therapist, a wellness manager, and several support staff. We are proud of offering all major therapy specialties close to home and specializations include pelvic health, dizziness/balance, Parkinson’s Disease, ergonomics, aquatics, and pediatrics.  Hegg Rehab participates in an international outcomes database called Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes and scores higher than 84% of our peers, which is the second highest of all Avera facilities.   We have a 98% satisfaction score with 98% of our patients reporting they would recommend our services to a friend. 

Physical therapy services provide evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of orthopedic, musculoskeletal and neurologic issues – including post-surgery and post-injury conditions.  Staff members have experience working with individuals of every age group, and are trained in pain management, manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise prescription and progression, as well as patient education in posture, body mechanics and injury prevention.

Occupational therapists work with individuals to provide skilled treatment sessions that address specific physical, developmental, social and emotional needs.  Services include customized programs to improve the ability to perform daily activities, home and job site evaluations with adaptive recommendations, fabrication of custom splints, and the use of adaptive equipment.


Occupational and physical therapists work alongside speech therapists to provide pediatric therapy.  They assist children in achieving age-appropriate and condition-specific goals in addition to school based therapies. Therapists work with children to develop gross motor skills, provide movement and strength training, facilitate social skills, nurture cognitive abilities, and promote self-help skills.  Speech therapy also assists patients with communication, swallowing, and cognitive conditions.


Hegg Rehabilitation also serves businesses throughout the Rock Valley community with work-place rehabilitation.  Therapists perform functional job analyses and develop pre-work screens with job descriptions to ensure the worker is fit for the job.   Occupational Health and our rehabilitation team work collaboratively to emphasize injury prevention.  This can decrease workers’ compensation costs, increase worker productivity, reduce “lost-time” associated with work-related injuries, and boost worker morale and health.


Geriatric rehabilitation is provided by Hegg Rehab to Whispering Heights and community living seniors.  Patients are assessed by occupational therapists to determine cognitive ability, perception, motor skills, sensation, and daily living skills.  The staff focuses attention on each individual’s abilities to determine if he or she is able to remain at home alone safely.  Home safety evaluations and CarFit assessments are also performed with recommendations for reducing falls, improving safety, and conserving energy. From there, treatment programs are developed and implemented to improve function and independence with activities of daily living.  Physical therapists evaluate and treat those who are at risk for falling, or have other home safety issues.  Evaluations include addressing range of motion, gait and balance deficits, as well as assessing the need for assistive devices.  Treatment is provided for pain management, gait and balance training, and exercise prescriptions for strength and conditioning. Our therapist team is also certified in two treatment programs that address the functional impairments and voice control issues that affect people with Parkinson’s Disease.


Hegg Rehab also offers vestibular rehabilitation for those affected by vertigo – the sensation that the room is spinning.  These situations and experiences may cause individuals to begin avoiding daily activities. Utilizing specialized computer software and specific assessments, the therapist is trained to determine the cause, and then evaluate and treat vertigo-associated dizziness and balance issues.  Our therapists also utilize the Neuro Sensory Integrator computer program to treat concussions, visual rehabilitation, and traumatic brain injuries.


The Rehabilitation Department also offers extensive care for lymphedema and swelling management. Primary lymphedema can be inherited or present at birth, and secondary lymphedema is more frequently caused by lymph node removal, radiation therapy, or scarring from infection.  Approximately 30 percent of post-mastectomy patients develop lymphedema within three years of their procedure.  Restoring function after surgery may be slowed because of chronic swelling and poor circulation.  To manage these swelling disorders, the physical therapists at Hegg teach proper skincare and therapeutic exercises, as well as apply lymph drainage techniques, and bandaging and compressive garments.


Treating pelvic pain, dysfunction, and incontinence is another highly specialized service provided here in Rock Valley.  Utilizing specialized methods of evaluation and a personalized plan, our therapists are able to address common and often embarrassing pelvic issues without the need for medications or invasive surgeries.


Wound management is also included in the services of Hegg Rehabilitation for a variety of conditions including venous, diabetic, traumatic, and post-surgical wounds.  Treatments are individualized and may include removal of devitalized tissues, wound stimulating modalities, negative pressure application, compression therapy, offloading, and dressing applications.  We function in collaboration with your health team to individually address issues, prevent complications, and educate for long term management of the skin.


Aquatic therapy is the newest specialty service available to the Rock Valley region since opening our state of the art facility.  The pool is customized with features such as warm water, family changing room, resistance jets, underwater cameras, adjustable water levels and much more.  The therapists of Hegg Rehab have attended specialized courses in aquatic therapy with specific specialization in geriatrics, pediatrics, neuro, and orthopedics.  Participants do not need to know how to swim to benefit from the healing properties of water.  Additionally, we offer therapeutic aquatic training and personal training available to the general public.


Hegg Rehab and Wellness in Rock Valley, Iowa is dedicated to promoting optimum health and wellness, using state of the art equipment and techniques to treat a wide range of conditions. Our award-winning and specialized therapists provide patient-centered care, close to home. You do not need an order or referral and our friendly staff will gather required paperwork for processing.  Personal training and group fitness opportunities are available through the public wellness center.  Whether you need therapy services to regain your health or wellness options to enhance your health, Hegg Rehab and Wellness has the plan for you.

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