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Long Term Side Effects of COVID-19: Therapy Can Help

As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers are learning the wide range of body functions this disease can affect. Some individuals who have contracted COVID-19 are finding that the recovery process can be extensive. COVID-19 has been shown to possibly affect balance, endurance, strength, breathing and posture, heart and lung function, and cognitive abilities. These lingering side effects are areas that speech, occupational, and physical therapists treat every day as part of their typical practice.

Speech, occupational, and physical therapists are well equipped to help patients overcome these obstacles caused by COVID-19 and assist with the recovery process. Therapists guide patients through different activities and challenges that may include balance training, manual therapy, strength training, exercise, cognitive retraining, breathing and postural exercises, pool therapy, and techniques to address any lingering pain. Additionally, those patients who have needed to be on a ventilator may need speech and swallowing services to improve their engagement in communication and eating. As the impact of COVID-19 varies from person to person, therapy programs are tailored specifically for each patient and their needs.

Patients who are struggling with the lasting effects of COVID-19 can seek therapy services through Hegg Rehabilitation at any time. An evaluation will be completed to determine deficits and a plan will be created to address the patient’s specific goals. There are a wide variety of interventions and treatment options to address specific concerns and deficits. If you or a loved one have been affected by COVID-19 and are still struggling with any of the side effects listed in this article, contact the Hegg Rehabilitation Department at 712-476-8080 and they will guide the process for any additional needs or coverage requirements.

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