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Meet Hegg’s Materials Management Team

Materials Management is the department at Hegg that handles many of the orders for everyday items, large capital purchases as well as the little but needed items to keep the hospital running in tip top shape! Stacy Denekas here, Manager, along with, Nancy Verburg, Purchasing Agent and Bonnie Davelaar, Receiving and Distribution make up the materials, also known as purchasing department.

This year has been the year of shortages.  As you all know in the public shopping areas, certain things are just a little harder to come by. Well, here in our department we face some of those same challenges, every day.

If you have been to the hospital lately, you will see we are all still wearing face masks.  Luckily or not, depending on how “You See IT”, we are doing very well on supplies of masks.  But there are some other necessary items that we have or are having some issues with obtaining.  Where the shopping centers have had a rush on Toilet Paper, we have an issued getting facial tissues (Kleenex).  We are getting some of our normal ones back in stock, but with all the first of the winter runny noses, we are running tight.

Have you tried to buy a pair of shoes or boots this winter yet?  Some sizes and types are a little hard to find.  Our issue is not shoes and boots but right now we are having issues with patient stockings running low.  We are keeping a handle on those too.

Plastic items are quite an issue everywhere and it affects us in the hospital with certain items also.  The same plastics that are used for garbage cans are used for our sharps containers.  We have had a difficult time getting the ones that fit in our wall cabinets for quite some time now.  We also are experiencing issues getting some of the syringe sizes our nurses like to use as well.

We are keeping ahead of the game by either ordering extra or by finding another place to order items from as needed. But just letting you know you are not out there alone trying to find that one thing…that just doesn’t seem available right now.  It is all over and is affecting everyone.  We just need to be diligent in what we recycle and what we throw out.

So I end with wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, in hopes our shortages turn around and become abundances throughout our whole lives!

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