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Billing & Financial Assistance

Hospital bills and health insurance claims can be confusing. We want to help you understand how we bill patients, and get information on financial assistance.

Pay Your Bill Online

Paying your bill online is simple. Complete the online form, using the links below, please include the hospital or clinic account number located on your printed bill.

If you have any questions about your bill or would like to inquire about a different method of payment, please contact a patient account representative at (712) 476-8000 on hospital accounts and (712) 476-8100 on clinic accounts, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

All transactions processed online at Hegghc.org are eligible for a refund if the payee would like to cancel a payment.
To request a cancellation: For online patient payments, please contact the hospital business office at (712) 476-8000 or clinic business office at (712) 476-8100. All other online payments, contact the Web Services Department at contactus@avera.org. Please allow 5 – 7 business days for a refund.


If you have any questions regarding your hospital charges, payment options, financial assistance program or your insurance, please contact our business office at (712) 476-8000.

Financial Assistance

Hegg Health Center has a financial assistance policy if you meet certain requirements and are unable to pay your bill.

How to Request Assistance

  1. Contact the clinic or hospital business office at the phone number listed on your bill.
  2. Complete the Avera Financial Assistance Application (English)(Español) in its entirety.
  3. Return application with the following to your clinic or hospital to review:
    • most recent copy or your tax return, including all applicable schedules (balance sheet if agriculture/business).
    • If your tax return is not available, then we need one of the following:
      • Social Security award letter
      • Proof of non-filing from the IRS (call 800-829-1040 to obtain a copy)
    • Copies of earnings, pay stubs and bank statements for the last two months.
    • Any other related information you think could help us in making a determination on your eligibility.
Appendix A

Providers and groups not subject to this policy that may treat Hegg Health Center patients (last updated 09/01/21)

Avera E-Emergency
Avera Oncology
Avera Telemedicine
Avera E Care Hospitalist
Korver ENT
Midwest ENT
Avera North Central Heart
William Jongewaard, MD Sanford Sheldon General Surgery/OB/GYN
Ophthalmology LTD
Avera Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine
Urology Associates
Avera Medical Group Orthopedics
Nicolas Mouw, MD, Sioux Center Health Clinic, General Surgery/OB/GYN
Brian Dix, DPM, Avera Medical Group Orthopedics and Specialty Clinic, Podiatry
Elden Rand, MD, North Central Health Division of Avera
Dayna Groskreutz, MD Avera Medical Group Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine
Avera Medical Group Infectious Disease Specialist
Rural Emergency Medical Providers, LLC
RRLLC Radiologist
Orthopedic Institute
Daniel Crawley, MD Osceola Regional Health Center, General Surgery
William Wosick, MD Radiology  
Integrated Telehealth Physicarity

Price Transparency

Price Transparency

In an era of increasing health care costs and consumer-driven financing alternatives, the need for pricing transparency in health care services has taken on increasing importance. The goal of pricing transparency is to provide useful information about our health care facilities on a comparative basis across the various services provided.

Hegg is committed to providing pricing transparency. If you have questions about hospital pricing, please contact our business office.

View our Online Price Transparency Tool

Download our Price Transparency File 

COVID-19 Diagnostic Laboratory Testing Price

COVID-19 Diagnostic Laboratory Testing Price

The price of a COVID-19 test at Hegg Health Center is $140 (inclusive of supplies, lab equipment and staff time to run the test), a draw fee of $58.00, so a total of $198. Insurance companies, as well as government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, have taken steps to ensure coverage to eliminate any out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 testing at this time.

For self-pay, there will not be a bill at this time. Hegg Health Center will seek reimbursement from any applicable government programs which may provide coverage for the test. You may receive a bill should government funding not cover the cost of the testing. Hegg Health Center has assistance programs for those who qualify.





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