Your lab results offer your provider unique insights into your health.

Rely on Hegg for prompt, accurate results. Pinpoint your best treatment options with the confirmation of your diagnosis, cause of your symptoms or presence of your illness thanks to your lab test results.

The lab at Hegg Health Center is located next to Inpatient Services for the convenience of our patients.

Lab Hours Are:

Monday through Friday: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday: by appointments.

Our Lab department offers the following test to help identify health concerns and the most effective treatment for your specific situation. Among many available laboratory services, we provide:

  • Microbiology – Tests to isolate infecting agents such as bacteria, fungus, molds, and parasites; exposes infectious agents to a variety of antibiotics to determine effective drugs for your treatment
  • Virology – Tests to identify viral infecting agents such as HIV and rabies
  • Blood bank – Identifies blood types (ABO and Rh) and performs tests to determine the compatibility of blood for transfusion
  • Hematology – Examines blood and body fluid specimens to determine the type and number of blood cells (RBC, WBC, and platelets); also determines the ability of blood to clot
  • Chemistry – Examines body fluid specimens for the body’s metabolic functions, disease markers, and drug monitoring.
  • Serology – Tests blood specimens to detect exposure to infectious and disease processes such as hepatitis, syphilis, arthritis, lupus, and others

Before your test, make your provider aware of any medications you’re taking, including prescriptions and vitamins or supplements. Discuss with your provider how to prepare for your tests and ensure you are following their instructions thoroughly. For some lab tests, eating, dehydration, exercise, and other activities can affect your results.