At Whispering Heights we realize how important it is for those who live here to be able to do the things that remain meaningful to their lives.

The individualized approach to activities used at Whispering Heights ensures the unique needs of each person’s needs are met.

Each household identifies the intricate details necessary to fill each person’s day with meaningful activities. In addition to individual activities, we encourage those who live at Whispering Heights to be involved in scheduled activities. Calendars are updated each month with specific time and dates for the scheduled activities. We also focus heavily on the activities of daily living, or the daily tasks each of us perform in our home. This helps provide the people with a sense of belonging and helps them feel useful and valued. We love to have family and friends visit our households and spend time with those who live here. The community and area schools have become very involved by providing programs for the people at Whispering Heights and spending time at the facility.

Upcoming Activity Calendars:

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