Women’s Health

Caring for all women

This includes pregnancy diagnosis, prenatal care, fetal ultrasounds and delivery services.

Patients are able to have all obstetrical care with Dr. Paul De Jong within Hegg Medical Clinic, including fetal ultrasounds, with the delivery being done by your provider at Sioux Center Health. This will allow all obstetric services to continue locally, without the need to change doctors. Following discharge, mothers and their newborns will return to Hegg Medical Clinic for their postpartum care and ongoing health services.

Dr. De Jong is excited to continue obstetrical services and ongoing care for your entire family.

Women’s Health

The women of our community fill a diverse set of roles, and we are proud to support them. It’s our goal to exceed each woman’s unique health needs, from heart health, cancer care, maternity care, and prevention and wellness.

Breast Health

Every woman over the age of 40 should receive her annual mammography to accurately detect potential signs of breast cancer. Normal appointments take less than 30 minutes and do not require an order from your provider. The process is very similar to the process used with the 2D unit, except the machine moves for the 3D portion of the exam to obtain different angles of the breast tissue for better clarity. Compressions of the breast tissue only last a few seconds and often times the whole procedure is finished in under 10 minutes. Hegg Health Center is happy to provide high-quality screening mammograms right here in town. After your appointment, the images are sent to a3D certified radiologist to be read and checked for any abnormalities.  Results of the exam are sent back directly to the ordering provider and are also communicated in a letter to the patient within a week.  

Pelvis Ultrasound

For women, pelvic ultrasound should be painless and can help determine the causes of pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding or other menstrual problems. Ultrasound images can also help identify and assess cyst and fibroid growth, as well as ovarian or uterine cancers. After the test, you may resume all normal activities and your ordering physician will receive the results. 

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