Whether work or play, we have all been there: one week, we’re leading the team, setting the bar high and capable of whatever needs done, all day long. The next thing we know, the activity – be it a softball game or digging postholes – is leaving us a bit more winded, our muscles a bit more sore or our attitude a bit more shook up because we realize the truth.

We’re getting older.

That’s a natural thing, but getting older need not mean getting slower, more huffing and puffing or a new perspective of having to do less. Not at all. In fact, if we just keep moving, every day, each one of us can stay more fit and healthy as we grow wiser and older.

Regular exercise is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy, no matter your age. It need not be marathons and 100-mile bike rides. It can be as easy as walking, but the key is doing it every day, or nearly every day, and making it a part of your routine, not something you do, perhaps after reading this, and then put back on the shelf. Exercise often, with walking, working out or activities such as yoga, and you can help prevent or manage a wide range of conditions such as arthritis, depression and heart disease.

Active bodies are only part of a holistic approach to aging. Small steps in diet, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, along with less processed foods, also can help you keep on the right track. These small steps can help ensure your overall well-being continues to thrive, week after week and year after year.

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, and a good place to begin is with your family health care provider. You can call Hegg Medical Clinic at 712-476-8100 to make an appointment, and if you do not have a primary care provider, you can arrange to have an initial visit with one of our medical providers with that phone call as well.

An active mind is an important part of an active life. Hegg Wellness Center offers a variety of group fitness classes – spin, upbeat lifting and cardio, therapeutic water aerobics, body sculpt, and yoga. These classes are open to individuals of all ages to attend. Information on how to register for these classes is available on our website, as well as by calling our Wellness Center at 712-476-8080.

You can also set up meetings with our team to learn about nutrition, and if you are 65 or nearing that age, you can call 712-476-8000 to talk with professionals who can spell out how Medicare services you’re entitled to can help you as you stay healthier.

None of us wants to slow down or feel less capable, and the truth is we have a lot of say in how we age. Staying active is one of the best ways to keep ourselves in the game and on the job for many years to come.

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