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Week 6 Mini Challenge: Volunteering

This week’s challenge is volunteering! What does volunteering have to do with overall health and wellness? Well, maybe volunteering isn’t the most strenuous activity. It also maybe isn’t a type of activity that you do to get a workout in. However, volunteering is such a valuable and important thing to do for others, and that alone is good for your health and for others’ health! There are many ways to volunteer. Volunteering at Justice for All, Love INC, or various other places is key to helping those who are in need. The wonderful thing about volunteering is that it gives to those who are in need and improves their overall well-being! Helping in the community is a great way to make for a healthier, kinder, and tighter-knit community. This week, find ways to help in the community and give to others. I promise that doing something like this is going to be valuable to others, valuable to your team, and ultimately valuable to you. Who knows, maybe this will begin a relationship with a local need that you feel you can add value to – and adding value to others is a great feeling!

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