Annual Stockholder Meeting Slated for November 30th

October 31, 2023

Annual Stockholder Meeting Slated for November 30th

Photo of the waiting room at Hegg Health Center

Hegg Health Center Annual Meeting: The format will continue as it has in previous years, combining the annual meeting with the November 30 Board of Director’s meeting at 6pm.

Dale Kooima and Kathy McGill have completed their terms of service. Hegg Health Center and the Board of Directors extend a heartfelt thanks to Dale and Kathy for their years of service and leadership. Brad Van Heuvelen and Twila DeKam have been nominated to serve in their place.

John Hoogendoorn is up for re-election to a second term.

The Fiscal Year 2023 audited financial statements are finalized and will be presented at the meeting.

Shareholders that desire to vote to either affirm of deny board approval for Brad Van Heuvelen, Twila DeKam and John Hoogendoorn may request an absentee ballot by contacting Megan Stuessi at 712-476-8010.

Shareholders that would like to attend in person are asked to notify Megan Stuessi at 712-476-8010 by November 24, 2023 so appropriate seating arrangements can be made.