The Scale Needle Might Not Move Yet, BUT…

January 7, 2021

The Scale Needle Might Not Move Yet, BUT…

person stepping on scale

The Scale Needle Might Not Move Yet, BUT…

Keep going! If you’ve recently started a new fitness journey but haven’t seen the scale drop yet, keep going! There are so many factors to weight loss and often times it can take a few weeks before the scale starts to show results. Improving your diet and exercise have so many benefits other than weight loss. Some you’ll start to notice in the first few days of making changes.

You might notice that even if the scale hasn’t changed, you cloths fit better. Typically with a healthy diet and increased exercise, energy levels increase as well. While that seems counterintuitive, studies have shown that exercising helps boost energy levels instead of lowering them. You might also notice that you are sleeping better. When exercising regularly, your body rests better as well because it needs that time to recover.

A healthy diet and regular exercise also help with digestion. Eating less processes foods and exercising regularly has been shown to help with bloating and constipation. Your metabolism also increases when healthy food choices and regular exercise are added to your lifestyle. All of these benefits will help you feel better overall.

A stronger heart, better bones, and reduces risk for disease like Type 2 diabetes, stoke, and metabolic syndrome are also benefits of diet and exercise that you don’t see on the scale. Exercise helps the body become more efficient in its’ everyday functions, which means your organs don’t have to work as hard. Exercise also helps strengthen our bones in addition to getting proper nutrients from a healthy diet. Many exercises also work on strengthening our core muscles, which helps improve posture, which can help prevent a sore back and headaches.

Mental health has also been shown to improve with proper diet and nutrition. Many vitamins and minerals play an important role in our mental health. Exercise releases endorphins that provide a feeling of euphoria and it releases norepinephrine which helps regular and reduce stress. Getting active can also increase our focus and productivity and can aid in learning and memory. Even a brisk, 30 minute walk can do wonders for focus and productivity.

Overall, there are so many benefits to a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. We want to encourage you to keep working towards your goals in your fitness journey while also focusing on all of the other positive benefits that come with exercise and nutrition.