Men’s Health Month

June 4, 2021

Men’s Health Month


It’s June! The year is nearly half over, and the warm weather has arrived.  June also is “Men’s Health Month”, which is the topic for this blog. For men everywhere, it is important to pay attention to your health every month, every week, every day. But in June, we give health more recognition and explore ways to maintain or improve health.

I could go on and on all day about how it is important to exercise, eat healthy, be more active, and make wise decisions. However, you’ve probably heard all of that before, and I believe that it’s more important to talk about the health risks that men face, and things to watch out for. So what are the main threats to men’s health? Heart disease, respiratory disease, and prostate cancer are 3 of the many concerning threats to good health for men.

First, I’ll cover heart disease. Heart disease comes in many forms, and all of them can lead to serious complications. Studies show that around 40% of men have some form of cardiovascular disease, which is a glaring number. Pay attention to your heart and do consistent checks with your doctor to make sure that everything is checking out well.

Second, I’ll cover respiratory disease. Respiratory disease can range from COPD to lung cancer to other issues, and the main cause of it is smoking. It goes without saying that smoking is terrible for your health, but more specifically your lung health. Take preventative measures by forming healthy habits and assuring your lungs are in good shape.

Third, I’ll cover prostate cancer. Prostate cancer affects 1 in 9 men, and it is the most common cancer among American men. While there isn’t a lot of information on what can prevent prostate cancer, what we do know is that men are typically reluctant to see the doctor and seek medical help. Staying on top of your health and paying close attention to symptoms is vital to maintain good health and prevent health issues.

So why am I highlighting these? Simply put, it’s important for us to be healthy and take preventative measures to assure good health. Furthermore, we all have important roles to people in our lives, and maintaining good health assures that we can continue in those important roles such as dad, husband, son, brother, grandpa, friend, employee, and other roles. Stay on top of your health, so that you can be your best for others!

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By: Jordyn Kleinwolterink, Wellness Center Manager