Red, White and Water: 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated

July 15, 2021

Red, White and Water: 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated

water glasses with fruit

When the temperature rises, hydration becomes even more important. Remember to drink plenty of water even when you’re not thirsty. Headaches and dizziness can be symptoms of dehydration, which can be a sign of more serious issues such as heat exhaustion or other heat-related illnesses.

Here are 5 tips from Avera Dietitian Lauren Cornay to help you stay on track.

  1. Add flavor to your water.
    Drinking all that water each day can be a challenge, especially when there is no taste. Add some excitement by adding fresh fruit, veggie slices and herbs to your water pitcher.
  2. Drink a glass of water after every bathroom break.
    Get in the habit of drinking more water by adding it in with your most common daily activities. Each time you get up for a bathroom break, remember to fill up your water bottle. Don’t go past the water cooler without filling up.
  3. Use an app to track your cups.
    With technology, anything is possible, including tracking your daily water intake. There are free apps like Daily Water you can add to your phone to keep track of your water consumption and set daily reminders and alarms.
  4. Add water and ice to dilute sugary drinks.
    Water down those drinks that are high in sugar. If sugary drinks are part of your daily habit, slowly start to add more ice and water. You’ll still get the sweetness you crave, but also the healthy dose of water your body needs.
  5. Choose sparkling or mineral water over soda.
    Do you crave a good bubbly soda? Try trading in your daily soda fix for some sparkling or mineral water. It’s zero calories and just as good for you as drinking water. Add a squeeze of lime juice for extra punch.

Talk to an Avera registered dietitian to learn more about your personal water and nutrition intake needs and goals. You can also get recipes and more nutrition information.