Week One Mini Challege: Step Challenge

January 29, 2021

Week One Mini Challege: Step Challenge

person walking on trail surrounded by grass

Shape the Valley

Week One Mini Challenge: Steps

This week’s challenge is on steps! Our recommended steps each day is 10,000 (or more!). Yes, I know, 10,000 steps seems like a lot, but the average person gets 5,000 steps just by normal activities such as getting groceries, walking from place to place, and doing house chores. How can you get 10,000? A couple recommendations: Park on the far side of the parking lot at work and walk in, take the steps and not the elevator, walk to work if it’s close by, or make it a point to walk your dog an extra time (I’m sure they won’t mind!). What’s the importance of steps? Well, steps = exercise and body movement. The more steps you get, the more calories your body burns! It is vital for us to exercise and be active in order to keep our bodies healthy. While exercise isn’t the only way to keep our bodies healthy, it’s a big part of our everyday health. A nice “step” in the right direction for exercise is simply finding ways to get more…steps! So, this week, as you do your normal daily activities, find ways to get more steps or find time to do some extra steps during your workout. You won’t regret it!