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3D Mammography

Hegg Health Center is excited to announce that after 3 years of fundraising, we finally have our new 3D Mammography Unit on campus. Through lots of community support and many generous donations, including a generous donation from the Bud and Floss Termaat Estate, Hegg Health Center was able to upgrade to a new 3D mammography unit. Some of our fundraising events for this new technology included Kulinary Kings and our Glow Run.

This new unit performs Tomosynthesis screenings, which allow for more efficient and accurate mammograms, without much change to the patient receiving the mammogram. This kind of imaging makes it easier to tell what’s normal in the breast tissue and what is irregular. We are proud to offer these high-quality mammograms right here in our community, close to home for our patients.

A 3D mammogram allows the radiologist to see the breast tissue in thin layers, rather than one flat 2D image. “A 2D mammogram is like taking an X-ray of a book. With 2D, you would see all the pages overlapping but it’s hard to tell what is on each individual page. A 3D mammogram shows us pictures of the breast tissue in thinner layers, so it’s similar to being able to read each page of a book, which is why we can get much better results,” says Hegg Radiology Director, Sara Johnson.

1 out of every 8 women develop breast cancer, but going in for your regular mammogram can help detect cancer early, which increases the chances of living by 25-30%. Typically, women start receiving a yearly mammogram at the age of 40. In addition to mammograms, monthly breast exams can be done as well. If your family has a history of breast cancer, a doctor may recommend starting screenings at a younger age. Our providers always make sure that insurance will be accepted before the procedure.

Normal appointments take less than 30 minutes and results are mailed to you within a week. The process is very similar to the process used with the 2D unit, except a few more images are taken. Compressions of the breast tissue only last a few seconds and often times the whole procedure is finished in under 10 minutes. Hegg Health Center is happy to provide high-quality mammograms right here in town. After your appointment, results are sent to a radiology lab at Avera in Sioux Falls. Hegg Radiology Director, Sara Johnson states the importance of mammograms when she says, “10 minutes can save your life.”

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