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Cardiovascular Equipment (Continued)

In my third installment of blogging about the gym, I wanted to do a continuation of my second blog which is cardiovascular equipment. As I mentioned in the last blog, we have a variety of cardiovascular equipment ranging from treadmills to ellipticals to recumbent bikes and the air rower. In this blog, I’m going to cover our recumbent bikes and stepmill, and their uses!

At Hegg Wellness & Rehab, we have a variety of recumbent bikes that are meant for different uses and needs. Currently, we have 3 recumbent bikes meant for higher resistance and a harder workouts. These three are all located near each other, with 2 of them being Octane Xfit (brand) and the other one being a SciFit. What these 3 recumbent bikes accomplish is they allow the user to use both arms and legs. When you use these machines, there is a forward/backward motion for both your feet and hands to follow. This helps incorporate both the upper body and lower body, and makes for a nice full-body workout.

We also have a StarTrac recumbent bike that doesn’t involve upper body and is strictly lower body. When you use this bike, you’ll strictly use your legs and feet to move the pedals. If you are looking to strictly isolate and challenge your lower body, you may use this machine to push your legs and strengthen them.

On top of this, we also have an airdyne machine that uses air as a way to have resistance. When you pedal with this machine, air will fight against it to provide resistance. The air also provides a nice fan for those of you that sweat easy.

The last of the recumbent bikes that I’ll cover is the Nu-step machine. Currently, we have 3 of them. These bikes are used for basic arm and leg strengthening and cardiovascular health. These machines are the easiest of the recumbent bikes, and are typically used for therapeutic and recovery reasons. However, they can be used by anyone and are great for your joints! With all recumbent bikes, it should be noted that there are different levels of resistance and workload that can help you take it easy or challenge you.

Lastly, I will cover the air rower. The air rower is a cardiovascular machine that uses air as a form of resistance, just like the airdyne. However, the air rower is more of a complete body workout. Not only does the air rower give you an upper body and lower body workout, but it helps the core too! The air rower essentially simulates water rowing on a kayak or canoe. This can be a very intense workout, and has shown to be one of the more challenging workouts for cardiovascular equipment, depending on the resistance. I highly recommend this machine to all members and clients, and believe it is one of the better machines for your whole body as it allows you to get a strong cardiovascular workout but still strengthen at the same time.

As always, if you have any questions or inquiries on all of these machines, please don’t hesitate to call me (Jordyn) at 712-476-8081 or send me an email at jordyn.kleinwolterink@hegghc.org.

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