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F.A.C.E. (Faith And Community Engage): Masks: Cloth Face Mask

The challenges brought on by a global pandemic are many, and a wide range of people and groups want to help.

The Avera Faith and Community Engage program (F.A.C.E) seeks volunteers to help craft cloth face masks for use in hospitals and clinics.

The guidelines, instructions, materials and patterns to do this are included in this story.

Creating cloth masks for our patients and employees right now will assist in the further conservation of our precious protective equipment during this time of need. These homemade masks will help extend what is available to providers, nurses and others.

Mask Design

The optimal fabric is single ply cotton-blend T-shirt material. You can use T-shirts themselves, but they should be new ones, which are not worn or tattered. The second choice for fabric is quilting cotton. Please pre-wash material prior to sewing.

The masks include elastic head or ear-loops. These are preferred over ties that can get tangled in the laundry. The masks are made in medium and large sizes, and both sizes are needed.

Supplies and Patterns

You’ll need about a half-yard of fabric to make two or three masks, as well as quarter-inch elastic for the loops. Elastic hair ties/bands also will work. A full-head loop is preferred due to ability to obtain a tighter fit. If making them with a head-loop, the elastic band will need to be about 23 inches long. Masks with ear loops would need two 8-inch loops or elastic hair ties.

If you don’t have elastic, make four fabric ties for each mask. There should be two upper and two lower ties (on the right and left sides of the mask) Make each of the four about 18 inches long.

All-purpose thread, a scissors, pins and a Sharpie round out the needed materials to make the masks.

Pick up/Delivery: When you have masks made and ready to go, please put them in a plastic bag and call Josie at (712) 476-8192 or email HMH_Marketing@hegghc.org to help coordinate your delivery or pick up of these masks.

Cloth Face Mask Pattern
Tip Sheet Sewing Instructions for Surgical Masks

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