It’s #HeartMonth

February is Heart Month. Bistro 67 is featuring weekly heart healthy tips and foods that you can choose to meet some of these guidelines!

February’s month long lunch feature is a Grilled chicken pesto sandwich, made with 4oz chicken breast, pesto, and jack cheese on a ciabatta bun.
Nutritionals: 525 cal., 20g fat, 9g saturated fat, 38g carbs, 44g protein, 2g fiber

This week’s Focus: Flax & Chia seeds

The Mediterranean diet is a well-studied diet that has been proven to prevent heart disease. This week the focus is on Flax and Chia seeds.  Flax seeds provide fiber, lignans (antioxidant) and omega-3.  These all work together in treating high cholesterol. Studies show that 2 Tbsp /day of flax or chia seeds can help lower LDL.  It also has been found to prevent cancer and help with digestive health.

Foods features this week at the Bistro include:  Protein balls that each have flaxseed added, Yogurt Parfaits that will have added flax to the granola this week, and the chef will be preparing some brownies that have added flaxseed as well this week!

Ground flaxseed is recommended to obtain the most health benefits. It does not have a lot of flavor so adding flax to most foods you eat works and you cant tell!  Take a step to a healthier lifestyle!

This month’s featured drink is a skinny latte! Using skim or almond milk, espresso, and sugar free syrups will give you a great drink at only 90 calories, 15 g carbs and 0 g fat.

More tips to keep your coffee drinks healthy:

  • Try to use sugar free syrups when ordering
  • Adding artificial sweeteners instead of sugar if adding to a drink
  • Ask for skim milk, almond milk or coconut milk
  • Leave off the cream on top when offered

Here’s to making the healthy choice, the easy choice! Stay tuned until next Monday with more healthy tips and options at the Bistro!

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