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Hegg Health Center COVID Update

First and most importantly, the staff of Hegg Health Center want to thank those in the community who have made the effort to help slow down virus transmission.  We are currently in a manageable situation and hope to maintain that status.

Hegg Health Center is currently experiencing normal hospital census with five inpatients, one of them being treated for COVID. We have a total of 12 inpatient beds, so currently eight are available. Just two weeks ago, we were full and sending patients out to other facilities. We’ve seen that the number of beds can fill up in a hurry, so we are thankful that our facility currently has some capacity again. It certainly is possible that we could fill up again as the number of positive cases is very close to what it was just 10 days ago and community spread appears to be continuing.

In the past 14 days, Rock Valley has seen 91 out of 166 tests come back positive with 18 tests currently pending. Both of the Rock Valley 14-day and 7-day positivity rate stands at 55%. Since the beginning of testing, 301 out of 975 total tests run have come back positive. This is a rate of 31%. Our biggest concern right now is making sure Hegg staff remains healthy, in order to care for our residents and patients. Staffing challenges continue in some areas, while in other departments, staff are returning to work post quarantine.

Whispering Heights Nursing Home is getting closer to a baseline status with no residents currently positive. Previously, there were six COVID positive residents within our facility, all of these have returned to Whispering Heights.

The Hegg Health Center Emergency room has remained busy with COVID related visits ranging from mild to severe cases.

Overall, as a facility, we are in a much better place than just two weeks ago. We appreciate the community’s cooperation in following preventative measures to assist in slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

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