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Importance of Containment – Practice Social Distancing

From:  Dr. Jonathan Engbers Chief of Staff Hegg Health Center

I am sure you are hearing a lot of different information related to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in this country.  In order to try to clarify sometimes conflicting information please consider the following:

Our best defense against this virus is widespread efforts at containment.  There is no specific treatment once an individual becomes infected.  Hospital resources will soon become overwhelmed if there is widespread infection in the area.  Because of this, we ALL need to take this virus very seriously:

Social Distancing is extremely important

–          Avoid gathering in groups.

–          Stay home if at all possible.

–          Consider rescheduling any non-urgent appointments to a later date.

–          Wash your hands and clean surfaces regularly.

–          If you are feeling sick, please call the clinic or hospital before seeking treatment so we can help assist you in safely getting the appropriate care.

It is much better to proactively and aggressively plan now and avoid widespread illness than to react too late and be faced with a very difficult or even unmanageable situation.  We ALL need to be willing to be inconvenienced for the coming weeks in order to protect our loved ones who may not be able to recover if infected with this virus.

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